Whole Foods gift cards 16.7% off via Gyft

Gyft is a website/app that sells and stores gift cards.  Very useful for not carrying around the 20 different gift cards that belong in your drawer, not your wallet.  Currently Gyft is giving away a $20 Whole Foods gift card with a $100 Whole Foods gift card purchase (16.7% off $120) using code WFMWISH valid for 3 uses per account ($360 worth of gift cards).  Promotion ends on 12/28 or while supplies last.
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Amazon coupons - 25% off any book, 10% off select toys

The first coupon expires today and is good for 25% off any book at Amazon using code 25OFFBOOK.

The second coupon for toys doesn't have an expiration date but is good for Amazon Prime members only for 10% off a selection of 83 toys using code FAMILYTOYS.
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Macy's Friends and Family sale is on!

(expires December 10)

Get 25% off most things at Macy's in-store and online during their friends and family sale, which is perfectly timed for holiday shopping. Especially great for discounts on brands such as All Clad and Henckels. For some extra savings up to an additional 25% off, consider the following programs:
  • For 10-23% back (in-store only), use your Discover card with Apple Pay in stores (10% back immediately plus an additional 10% back if you signed up for their double cashback promo, plus 3% back if you got a Discover Miles card this year)
  • For 10-23% back (online only), use Discover Deals for 10% cashback (plus an additional 10% back if you signed up for the double cashback promo, plus 3% back if you got a Discover Miles card this year)
  • For 2% back, Signing up for Plenti, a points program run by American Express and affiliated with Macy's (2x points during Macy's Friends and Family sale)
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Amazon 30% off any book

Amazon offers code HOLIDAY30 for 30% off any book sold by Amazon (expires tomorrow, 11/29).
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Fun with Citi Price Rewind

A policy that isn't worth the paper it's printed on

Today's lesson is exploiting Citi's Price Rewind policy, which is a gold mine that you never knew you had.  Most credit cards advertise a price protection policy, which promises that if you purchase an item on your card and find it at a lower price later on, they'll reimburse you for the difference.  Sound good?  Yes, too good.  Most cards never pay out on this policy, because you need to jump through a couple of hoops, including mailing in a copy of the advertisement where you found the lower price.  What?  Yes, finding a newspaper with the advertisement, cutting it out, and mailing it in.  What if the lower price is on Amazon?  Tough luck, no Internet price matching.  What if the price is lower but there is no printed advertisement?  Tough luck, you need the printed ad.

As advertised, Citi Price Rewind is virtually useless.  There is a Price Rewind website where you can  enter details of your purchase, and the system is supposed to automagically alert you when their hard-at-work, omniscient machines scour the Internet to find a better price for you.  I tried this, and lo and behold, it didn't work--I made a purchase from Amazon.com, and even when Amazon (and other retailers) lowered their price, no benefit was triggered even though all conditions were met.

Light bulb!  Sticking it to the man

I discovered that you don't need to rely on the Price Rewind website.  Instead, what you can do is fill out a blank form and fax it in to them.  THEY WILL MATCH INTERNET PRICES!  FROM ANY RETAILER!

Allow that to sink in...

Has your mind recovered from the racing through the possibilities?

Yes, you can buy from anywhere and get it price matched.  I am batting 100% so far in my price match requests.  The only restrictions being 1) a maximum of $300 per item and 2) $1200 per year per card.  Found a great price from a retailer you've never heard of?  Perfect -- order from your trusted store.

Even more possibilities

The truly wily among you will realize that there are even more possibilities:

  • Category bonuses: What if I have a certain credit card from Citi that earns 5X ThankYou points at an online retailer that sells virtually everything?  Not only will I get the lowest price, I will also earn 5X points if I buy from my favorite retailer and then get it price matched!  Another example is the Citi Dividend card, which is paying 5% back at Best Buy this quarter.
  • Double price match (DON'T DO THIS!): This is not something I have done nor is it ethical.  In theory, if you find a retailer like Best Buy or Staples that has a post-purchase price match policy, you can get it matched twice.  If the price difference is 50%, you would get it for free!
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Amazon Prime membership just $67 for new members - Friday only!

Amazon is offering Amazon Prime for just $67 to celebrate some TV show winning the Emmy.  It's as good as a reason as any to subscribe to Prime for a full year at 33% off its regular price.  The best value for me is the 2-day shipping, but there are others such as Prime Video (Netflix-like service), Prime Music (Spotify-like service), Prime Photos (SmugMug-like service), and Kindle lending library (lend your books to others).
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Hand-picked coupons

Home Depot: 10% off
(unknown expiration)

Lowes: 10% off
(unknown expiration)

Lowes.com: 10% off
(unknown expiration, code: MOVER10)

Lowes.com: $10 off $50
(unknown expiration, code: LOWES50)

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