Pay your mortgage with your credit card: Evolve your payments with Evolve Money

Evolve Money is one of my favorite new payment services.  And until April 21, you can get $5 added to any payment you make using the service by using promo code Save5april (expires April 21 at midnight PDT).  Evolve Money accepts debit cards only (and a certain brand of reload card), so you might be wondering how this could possibly be a money earning opportunity.  Well, those Visa and Mastercard gift cards you see on the racks of grocery stores and drug stores are debit cards, which--in many stores--you can buy with a credit card!

What.  Is there some catch?  Isn't this complicated?  And don't those debit cards come with fees?  Yes, yes, and yes.  It does take a couple of steps, and those debit fees can add up to about 1%.  But here are reasons why it might be worth your while:
  • Earn a 1% spread: if you have a 2% cash back credit card like the Fidelity Amex or the Barclay Arrival, you can earn a 1% spread.  Pay 1% to your grocer or drug store, get 2% back from your credit card company.
  • Buy miles a 1 cent per mile: Practically any ol' credit card will give you one mile per dollar spent, so if you can redeem for value of upwards of 1 cent per mile (not hard to do if your dates are flexible), this is an opportunity to fly cheaply.
  • Earn a 4% or greater spread: This is the real money.  If you have a credit card that earns a 5x bonus on spending categories like groceries (the Amex Blue Cash Preferred, for example or the many Wells Fargo cards offering 5% cash back on groceries, drugstores, and gas) where gift cards are sold, you can earn an even bigger spread (4% back on whatever you spend, including your mortgage!)
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Some nice deals at Staples

(expires April 5)

Staples has several good coupons including 20% off in stores and a $20 off $100 coupon for the taking by going to Retailmenot and generating a coupon. For your convenience, I've included a couple of $20 off $100 coupons below:




Some nice deals include:

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Lock in Amazon Prime for $79/year

If you haven't heard, Amazon is raising prices for its subscription delivery service (Amazon Prime) to $99/year. However, you can potentially lock yourself into the $79/year price by buying the gift of Amazon Prime. You will have to front the cash now, but the benefit is that you will sit on an email with a special link that lets get access to Prime or lets you renew Prime after it expires. That's a 25% after-tax return on investment in your first year! If you currently have Prime, just wait until it expires, otherwise it will ask you if you want to convert the gift into an Amazon gift card.
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Tumi luggage for half off at Walmart

Walmart is selling their collection of Tumi luggage for 50% off.
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Groupon offering $10 e-gift card for $5

Whole Foods Market is offering a $10 e-gift card for $5 through Groupon. These offers usually do not last long!
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iTunes card for 25% off

(update: sold out!)

Giftcardmall is selling $100 iTunes cards for $75, a significant savings given that discounts on iTunes cards have become more rare and less generous recently.
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Hand-picked coupons

Home Depot: 10% off
(unknown expiration)

Lowes: 10% off
(unknown expiration) 10% off
(unknown expiration, code: MOVER10) $10 off $50
(unknown expiration, code: LOWES50)

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